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Capri Suns



Personal Project




Art Director - Me

Photographers - Me and my instagram followers

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I photograph every Capri Sun I see on the streets. 

There is something about an abandoned pavement capri sun that intrigues me. 

Perhaps it lies in the thought that after a brief few, highly sugared, sucks of delight, toddlers and youths of the world choose to toss these silver sacks of joy on the ground - rather than in a bin.

My obsession with details has cursed me to notice and photograph every dead capri sun I see on the streets of cities everywhere I go. 


And they are EVERYWHERE. I challenge you to walk down a street and try NOT to notice a dead pavement capri sun. Good luck, perhaps you will be cursed like me too.

This project lasted from February 2017 until March 2020.

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You can view the project under my instagram highlights, by clicking the icon below.

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